Section VII: Qualities of a Country

Chapter 74: The Country

Kural 731

Where unfailingly fertile fields, worthy men
and wealthy merchants come together--that is a country!

Kural 732

A land coveted for its vast wealth, free from calamities
and yielding in abundance is indeed a country.

Kural 733

Call that a nation which bears every burden that befalls it,
yet pays in full all tariffs owed to the king.

Kural 734

Free of famine, endless epidemics and ravaging foes--
now that is a flourishing country.

Kural 735

Proliferating factions, ruinous subversives and murderous gangs
harassing the king--a real country is free from all these.

Kural 736

An incomparable state is one never devastated;
yet if devastated, it would not diminish, but prosper.

Kural 737

Rain waters, underground waters and rivers shed from well-situated
mountains, plus strong fortresses, are features of a fine country.

Kural 738

Five ornaments adorn a country: good health, abundant harvests,
wealth, happiness and safety from invasions.

Kural 739

A land where prosperity comes easily deserves the name country,
not one where wealth entails laborious toil.

Kural 740

Even if a country acquires all these blessings, it is worth nothing
if it lacks harmony between the ruler and the ruled.