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Kural 681

Kindliness, high birth and a nature congenial to kings
comprise the innate disposition of an ambassador.

Kural 682

Kindliness, knowingness and deliberateness of speech
are three necessities a diplomat finds indispensable.

Kural 683

An envoy sent to announce to lance-bearing monarchs
his own king's imminent victory must be a pandit among pandits.

Kural 684

Send him on mission who possesses three attractive traits:
well-winnowed wisdom, modest dignity and ample learning.

Kural 685

Whatever good an ambassador procures derives from succinct
speech, cheerful conversation and avoidance of argument.

Kural 686

An envoy is educated, eloquently persuasive, unafraid of
the fiercest stare and knows what befits the moment.

Kural 687

He is unsurpassed who knows duty and place,
judges the suitable time and thinks before he speaks.

Kural 688

Integrity, influence and intrepidity--these three and truthfulness
are qualities of one who faithfully delivers his monarch's message.

Kural 689

Commission him to deliver the monarch's mandates
who has a steady gaze and never blurts out flawed words.

Kural 690

An ambassador fearlessly extends his king's glory,
though he might thereby expend his own life.
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