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Kural 871

So accursed is the thing called hatred that one
should never wish for it--even in jest.

Kural 872

It is bad enough to incur the enmity of those who live by the bow,
but never provoke the hatred of those who sow and reap with words.

Kural 873

One man who, all by himself, arouses hatred in many
is crazier than any lunatic.

Kural 874

The world abides beneath the greatness
of noble-natured rulers who befriend even their enemies.

Kural 875

Finding that he faces two foes and has no allies,
a lone man lures one to side with him.

Kural 876

When distress dawns, neither draw near nor depart from
new friends and foes--rather, leave them alone.

Kural 877

Never tell your troubles to those who cannot comprehend them,
nor expose your weaknesses to your enemies.

Kural 878

Engineer a plan, execute that plan well and ensure
your security--thus is the joy of rivals forever ruined.

Kural 879

Chop down a thorny tree while it is young.
Left to grow mature, it will one day cut the cutter's hand.

Kural 880

Those who fail to quell a hostile rival's pride
will be blown away by the mere fact that he still breathes.
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