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Kural 821

The friendship of those who feign affection is an anvil
on which they hammer you when the opportunity arises.

Kural 822

For those who act like friends, but are not,
friendship fluctuates like a fickle woman.

Kural 823

Though their learning may be abundantly good,
ignoble men rarely learn goodness of heart.

Kural 824

Fear the cunning friend who, harboring
wickedness in his heart, smiles sweetly to your face.

Kural 825

Distrust whatever words may come from men
whose hearts do not beat in harmony with your own.

Kural 826

Sounding very much like a good friend's words,
a rival's words are nonetheless known very quickly.

Kural 827

Knowing how the bending of a bow forebodes nothing but harm,
never trust an enemy, though he bends low in his speech.

Kural 828

Folded in respect, a foe's hands may hide a dagger.
So, too, his tears dare not be trusted.

Kural 829

Men may amply aid you, yet despise you in their heart;
make them laugh, but let feigned friendship die.

Kural 830

When the time comes that foes pose as friends,
keep a friendly face but banish their brotherhood from your heart.
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